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Storage Units in Queens are great options for people who are living in areas with too much stuff and have nowhere to put it. They are also good to use for holiday storage and things only used ever so often. No matter the reason for needing to use a storage facility, there are questions that are frequently asked.

How much should someone expect to pay for self-storage?

The costs of renting a storage unit on a monthly term can range anywhere from $40-$400 depending on the location and size of the unit. There are also other features that fluctuate the costs of storage units. Some facilities will require a down payment to hold a unit. This is in addition to a monthly payment to rent the space.

What size unit should be rented?

There are several different sizes of storage units available for rent. Not all facilities will have the same sizes available. One of the common sizes is called a “Locker” or “Walk-In Closet”. This unit is a 5 x 5 in size and cannot hold very much. It is good to hold tools and seasonal type items. Some other sizes are 10 x 10, 10 x15, and 10 x 20. A 10 x 10 unit can store an entire living room and 2 bedrooms worth of stuff. A 10 x 20 can store an entire house.

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Why is climate control a good thing?

Climate control is important so a person’s belongings do not get ruined due to weather conditions and humidity. This also keeps pests from welcoming themselves into a storage area.

Are storage units secure?

Storage units are generally equipped with a lock provided by the renter along with secure premises around the entire facility. There are often cameras set up as surveillance in storage areas. There is also fencing around units that remain locked and can only be accessed by renters with a code or key.

When can storage units be accessed?

Storage units are secure but they also have a way for renters to be able to have access to them the majority of the time. Some units are even accessible 24/7.

Storage Units in Pompano Beach are very valuable to keep clutter down in a home, office, or apartment. They are also valuable for those who are moving and need somewhere to store things temporarily. They are a very cost-effective way to manage space.

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